Dreams in English – kansalaisopiston englanninopiskelijat Kuopion taidemuseon näyttelyssä

Kuopion kansalaisopiston englannin keskustelukurssit vierailivat taidemuseon näyttelyssä DREAM huhtikuussa 2017. Ryhmissä käytiin englanninkielistä keskustelua näyttelystä saatujen ajatusten pohjalta mm. näistä aiheista.

Käy sinäkin tutustumassa näyttelyyn! Dream on avoinna 27.5.2017 asti, lisätietoja näyttelystä: http://taidemuseo.kuopio.fi Millaisia ajatuksia uninäyttely sinussa herättää?

In dreams everything is possible. Things that are not possible in real life can happen in dreams.
In this picture you see two rabbits. What has happened? Are the rabbits inside or outside? What are the other figures doing in the picture?
This dress is made of old handkerchiefs. Can you find any handkerchiefs that are familiar to you? What memories do the handkerchiefs and the dress awaken in you? Share some memories of your childhood with each other.
Spring is time of colours and light. What does spring mean to you? What do you like to do outside in nature during spring?
On this wall you see paintings of birds by the Von Wright brothers, who were famous avian painters. When they were living in Kuopio it was considered a cultural city. Discuss cultural events and hobbies. Do you like to visit the theatre, or go to concerts or exhibitions? Do you play a musical instrument or paint?
In this painting you see a woman looking out a window. Picture this moment in your mind. Why she is standing at the window; what does she see and think as she looks out of it?
This picture represents a sleeping boy. Tell your friends about your own sleeping habits. Are you a sleepwalker? Do you snore? How many hours do you sleep at night? Do you like to sleep at daytime?
On this wall you see figures that you could meet in your dreams. What kind of dreams have you had lately? Do you have reoccurring dreams, ones that you have had many times?
Everything that shines is not gold and money doesn´t bring happiness. Even still, many of us have dreamed about winning the lottery. What would you do if you would win the lottery? Do you play Lotto?

In this installation you see birds that are sleeping becouse they are sick. Sleep is also important for people. Tell about your own sleeping habits. What do you usually do before going to bed? What you do in the mornings? At what time do you normally go to bed and wake up?
In this room you see many portraits. Choose one portrait and make up a story about the person in the picture. Who are they? What are they doing, what is their occupation? Etc.

Text: Sabrina Porterfield and Marja Louni

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